Leave Feature

HR Manager Features

  • Once the approving officers hierarchy is set for an employee, the approving officer can view whenever a leave request is made by the employee.
  • The HR admin also has a payroll admin mobile app which may be used to view, approve or reject any leave request of the employee.
  • The mobile app automatically sends notification and email to the employee when the leave is approved/rejected.
  • The HR Manager can view the leave balance and leave history details of the employees.

Setting reporting hierarchy

  • It is possible to set multiple levels of hierarchy of management access to employee’s leave records.
  • First level and second level reporting officers may be set for an employee’s leave approval.
  • This allows for multi-level of approval of leave if needed.
  • Approving officers can view the leave details of their department’s employees only.
  • Approved leaves will be automatically updated into the payroll system.

E leave for employee

  • An e-leave module is available on the mobile app across multiple OS for the employees to use.
  • Each employee will be given his/her own username and password to access the app.
  • The employee can use the e-leave system to apply for leave using the mobile app or via the browser. The app automatically sends a leave request email to the approving officer.
  • In addition to this, the employee can check their current leave application status and view their balance leave anytime , anywhere.

Setting leave policies

  • The system allows easy set-up of leave policies for the organization that is customizable based on the departments and employee type.
  • The leave policy can be set such as the number of employees that are allowed to take leave.
  • Whenever a leave request is made, the system will automatically send out an alert to the employees that are being affected.

Employee Leave Reports

  • The system supports comprehensive reports like Employee Leave Details Report, Leave Summary Report etc.
  • Leave reports for a define date range, month or by employee can be generated.
  • This helps in resource planning and tracking planned / unplanned leaves.
Leave Management System Singapore

Our robust leave management module has many inbuilt and useful features that enable 360-degree visibility of resource availability. Our leave management module has many inbuilt and useful features that enables 360-degree visibility of resource availability.

The leave management system automatically maintains the list of public holidays and company holidays for the employees. It is possible to set multiple levels of reporting hierarchy for the leave approvals. Once the employee makes a leave request, it is routed to the various concerned persons in the hierarchy for approval. Only when the leave is finally approved at all levels, the leave is granted to the employee and the payroll will then updated.

The entire leave workflow is completely automated right from submission to approval. The system supports E-leave using a mobile app that allows the employees to apply for leave wherever they are, thereby reducing cost and increase the speed of processing. They can even submit supporting documents like medical certificate as an attachment. The employees can also view their current leave balances and also the history of leaves taken.

The managers can make use of the Pay Admin Mobile app which allows instant viewing and approval/rejection of the leave applied by the employees. The managers are immediately notified by the app when an employee makes a leave request. This saves both the employee and the manager's time. The E-leave system also allows the managers to have a quick view of the leave history of the employees, and this will help in the decision-making for approving the leave of the employee.


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