Calculate Overtime by OT Templates that means single company define multiple type of OT.

GPS Attendance and Face Recognition attendance.

Attendance and manpower tracking based on individual project.

Our e-appraisal software greatly simplifies and streamlines the Employee's Performance Appraisal process.Its an efficient cloud-based system that allows for the appraisal creation ,allocation to the employees and the approval by the managers with ease and flexibility . It includes a powerful appraisal template designer for automation of Employee Performance appraisal forms.

It has an easy to use interface and allows for customizable key performance indicators (KPI) setups and grouping. Multiple questionaires set up is possible for different groups of employees .Rating definitions may be set up for the questions and assigned to individual questions.Questions may be grouped and categorised based on the requirements.The appraisal template content like the question groups,their overall weightage, the multiple questions in the group and their individual weightage etc..

can be greatly customized.Once the appriasal template is set up ,it can be assigned to different departments which may be used by the head of the departments for evaluating the performance of the employees and suggesting the incentives accordingly.

The managers who are evaluating their employee's appraisal forms ,can input their marks for each category of questions for the employee. The department heads or approving officers can view the appraisals of their department's employees only.The final approved appraisal will automatically be updated to the HR system and the appraisal results are integrated into the payroll.This dramatically improves the HR productivity and eases the employee performance evaluation process to a great deal making it convinient , faster and smarter.


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