Calculate Overtime by OT Templates that means single company define multiple type of OT.

GPS Attendance and Face Recognition attendance.

Attendance and manpower tracking based on individual project.

The attendance management module of our software eases the tracking of employee attendance .It has inbuilt features that capture the in and out timing of the employees facilitating the tracking of both actual and also overtime working hours. The attendance tracking system uses QR-code or GPS to track the in and out timing of the employee. Other methods like Finger print / biometric time recorders may also be used to track the employee’s in and out time details. This enables capturing of real time attendance information of the employees that helps to track overtime, lateness etc. that will be auto included in the calculations involved in salary processing for the employee.

The system facilitates the setting up of easily configurable overtime policies, by day or week in the form of a template that can be applied across for all employees. Complex overtime calculations based on the number of overtime working hours and the overtime rates that can be preset for each employee, is made very easy and accurate.

The attendance system has options to store both daily and monthly attendance schemes.The employee attendance is well integrated with the payroll calculations and will be reflected in the payslip for the employee.

The system also supports concurrent multi user facility with username and password authentication and access. The admin can create user logins for the employees and set the access rights for the employees depending on their designation and organizational hierarchy. The employee can use the username / password to login to the system .However the access rights will restrict the employees from viewing the information of other employees. This ensures safety and prevents unauthorized access


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