eClaims Feature

Easy management of the claims workflow

  • The system supports an easy and user-friendly claims management workflow.
  • The admin can set up highly customizable claims policies for the organization with the flexibility to set the claim types and the allowable limit of reimbursement for each claim type.
  • The employees can easily submit their claims request online.
  • The manager gets an instant insight into the claims submitted. Approvals by the manager is made easy through online approval and an immediate email notification.
  • Mobile app for Claim The simplicity and efficiency of the workflow greatly reduces the reimbursement inaccuracies.

E-Claim approval by admin

  • The manager can efficiently keep track of all the claims submitted by the employees on the go.
  • The approvals/ rejection of claims by the managers is just a click away with the admin mobile app.
  • The manager is instantly notified of claims submitted by employees on their mobile phone.
  • The managers can validate the claims documents/receipts submitted online and store them for audit purpose.
  • The approver can approve/reject the application using the web portal or their mobile app and an email is sent to the employee that applied for the claim.

Smart Employee Expense Tracking

  • One salient feature of our claims module is an efficient employee expense tracking.
  • The manager can login to the system to view all the pending claim request and also view the history of all the claims that has been approved or rejected.
  • Maintaining the expense history for each employee enables the managers to monitor their teams’ expenditures to gain better control on budget allocation.
  • Instant access to reports and analysis tools helps to better manage the overall expenses.

Submit claims on the go using E-claim

  • Employees are freed from the tedious claim submission process.
  • The employees can submit claims for their expenses anytime anywhere using the E-Claim feature of the mobile app. They can also submit via web portal.
  • The feature includes submission of supportive documents such as medical certificate etc. as attachments.
  • The system automatically sends a claims request email to the approving officer.
  • The employees can also view the status of the claims submitted online anytime.

Payroll Integration

  • The claims management module of our system is fully integrated into the payroll processing.
  • Once the manager approves the claims for an employee, the approved reimbursements for the employees are automatically transferred to the employee’s pay slips so that the monthly payroll processing becomes seamless and hassle-free.
  • The employee can view the claims approved in the monthly pay slip.
  • This high efficiency of reimbursement leads to increased employee satisfaction.
eClaims Software Feature

Our software offers a fully integrated and customizable claims management module that greatly simplifies the claims processing overhead. Our system has a user-friendly interface with inbuilt functionality to set up the company’s claims policies and manage the claims workflow.

The E-claim module is available both on the web browser and the mobile app. Employees can submit their claims like medical claim, travel claim etc. using the E-claim function on their mobile app anywhere, anytime. They can also furnish the supportive documents like medical certificate, bills etc. by submitting as an attachment along with their request, either on the web browser or on their mobile app. This greatly eases the submission hassles and embraces a paperless environment. The employees can view the status of their submitted claims online anytime. This gives them their benefit entitlement information and tracking of their claims.

The management can view the claims applied by using the admin mobile app. The managers will be instantly notified whenever there is a submission of claims. They can do an instant review of the supporting documents submitted online for verification and validation and can approve/reject based on their discretion. Once the claim has been approved/rejected, a notification to that effect will be sent to the employee immediately as an alert on the mobile app or as an email to the employee. The availability of claims history and reports enables the managers to track their expenses that will be useful for the team in planning and control the allocation of budget. This also saves the admin from unnecessary backlog and minimizes the delays and inaccuracies in employee reimbursements.


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